Alterations and extensions

Sometimes even the simplest alteration can have a dramatic effect on the way in which you use a building. The addition of light, view, storage, a decent entrance which copes with the climate – any one of these can make a huge difference to your home.

Balnamoil, Kintyre

Renovation and extension of a derelict cottage in a spectacular position.


Duine, Craignish

Integrating building, landscape and garden, so that a few years on house & garden are now as one.


Dunvullaig, Craignish

Entirely gutting an original building to add light and new views while retaining its original character.


"Having purchased a somewhat utilitarian little house overlooking the sea, we asked Tom about how best to use the loft space. It was a delight to work with him, as he carefully gauged our needs and creatively transformed the whole house, far beyond what we initially envisaged, and all within our budget! He had a tremendous relationship also with the builders, ensuring successful execution of the contract. Thanks, Tom!"