Craignish Village Hall

Craignish Village Hall was opened in November 2005, following several years of fundraising and one year of construction. Situated on the shore of Loch Craignish, with views across to the hills towards Kilmartin, the hall has arguably one of the best outlooks of any Village Hall in Scotland. It is a popular venue for theatrical and musical events, wedding receptions and private parties, in addition to its use as a venue for community activities.

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From the outset the community wanted a building that was as environmentally friendly as possible. Insulation well over and above the amount legally required has been added, the underfloor heating is powered by a ground source heat pump and waste water goes through a Klargester treatment system rather than a conventional septic tank. Inside the building, low energy light bulbs and environmentally friendly cleaning products are used wherever possible and users are encouraged to recycle all paper, cans and bottles.

Hall 1 can accommodate 160 people and is ideal for large events such as ceilidhs and parties, plus musical and dramatic performances and indoor sporting activities, with direct access to the commercial standard kitchen. Hall 2 is used for meetings and for quiet activities with small numbers, and Hall 3 is occupied by Craignish primary school’s pre five unit.

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